Conversations With Bees


Invisible Allies is my collaborative project with Bluetech.

Our new album, “Conversations With Bees” is available now on Aleph Zero Records.

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I saw you through the long wind, coming
open to give fragrant hope to my pollen laden wings,

yearning through winters bridgeless river long
awaiting, waiting, longing,
the ascent of velvet spiral stairs;
the ambrosia petals to your honey bleeding heart.

Now I see you through this dense rain, sing
your velvet speckled skin and tender nectar
this song
so you know:
I see you.
My footfalls like jazz on the rooftops of home. Wait
now only for the storm to pass
that these feet might touch your earth again.

Water falls,
the sky, it weeps between us.
And you, my flowering love, are fed.

And the weeping stopped.

At last came time to mend;
your touch like needles on my wounded feet, re-
membering the edges of a landscape torn by time.
Our tears, as nectar, promise to the rain a future
of flowers to feed. We:
you and bee: open honey holding hearts to bleed
the sweetness
I tasted of you in dreams.

Long had I beheld your fragrance.
It’s good to feel your breath again.

- Poem by Lily Ross



Invisible Allies Presale

Presales for the new Invisible Allies album, “Conversations With Bees” are available now. Invisible Allies is my noodly sonic brain concoction with Bluetech.

This album is a seamless journey, featuring additional musicians Dan Covan, Nils Bultmann, Jason Rinker, Meryl Joan, and Sonja Drakulich. Artwork by David Hale, and words by Lily Ross.

Grab the presale for a discount (official release date May 23rd):

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Thorium Documentary

I have been composing music for a continuing documentary about Thorium as an alternative nuclear energy source. I have high hopes for Thorium as a safe, clean, and abundant energy source, as opposed to traditional uranium reactors, which continue to create devastating disasters. This is a neverending video series with numerous iterations, so check out the channel and stay connected.

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Igloo Magazine Review

Igloo Magazine has written an awesome review of Seven Succulents.  Check it out here!

“The gurgle and rumble of “Gollum Fingers,” with its tumbling piano, insistent bass growl, background quacking and Kettel-esque synth riffs also retain a colorful approach to rhythm and percussion that peppers both this and other tracks with quirky breaks and riffs that can’t fail to raise a smile.”


Seven Succulents


Seven Succulents is a continuation of my 2009 release Six Silicates. Where Six Silicates was a nod to crystals, Seven Succulents explores the weird and wonderful world of desert plants. The music thrives and grows from a single seed, winding its roots delicately through sand, communicating through beacons of sound sent across vast arid landscapes. The songs are named after plants I have tended and cared for over the years, and the collection exists as an homage to the wonders of nature – a love note for quiet desert foliage.

Seven Succulents features additional musicians Mike Greenfield (of LOTUS) on drums, Samuel Wexler on violin, Timmayo Sheehan on flute, Lynne Watts on vocals, and “The We’re Home Family Drum Brigade” crammed in my living room making a whole lot of noise.

Seven Succulents is released Feb 18th, and available now at the KiloWatts Music Shop.


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